Keep waterfall out of your agile

An insightful thing my pal Brandon Hays observed is that teams introduce little bits of waterfall into their agile processes when they get burned by scope expansion, bugs, infrastrucure, and such. It’s tempting to try to eliminate potential sources of surprise and drama. Paradoxically, adding waterfall-style checkpoints seems to introduce more drama and surprise than … Continue reading Keep waterfall out of your agile

Unblocking oneself

Succeeding and thriving at remote work is largely about getting very good at asynchronous (Slack, discussion threads, email, etc.) and nearly-asynchronous (phone calls, video meetings, screen sharing) communication. Productivity in remote work is often bottlenecked by the availability of teammates for near-asynchronous collaboration. Therefore: boost your productivity as a remote team member by writing up … Continue reading Unblocking oneself

Reading massive tomes: less slog, more joy

I’m drawn to expansive views on a subject. Sprawling narratives are irresistible. Giant books are my weakness. It’s rewarding to finish a chunky, 500-page book but getting there is quite the chore. The more pressing problem is, there are far more tomes out there than I can ever read. Previously, my strategy for reading large … Continue reading Reading massive tomes: less slog, more joy

Little victories amongst the bigger vision

A couple of my favorite Ruby friends mentioned that they’re trying to keep their side projects small. Despite that very practical aspiration, the siren call of larger projects still beckons. We know the pragmatic step is to find the little projects inside the big projects and share/ship those. And yet…it’s easy to fall back into … Continue reading Little victories amongst the bigger vision

Three (increasingly wild) bits about Prince

As unreleased material trickles out of the Prince estate, some fantastic stories have emerged. I haven’t yet read The Beautiful Ones, but even the stories that aren’t part of his incomplete autobiography are top-notch Prince mythology. Prince hired a DJ to play music for just him and his date: “And then it hits me,” WallyWaves … Continue reading Three (increasingly wild) bits about Prince