Enforce system consistency at the boundaries & meditations on run-time type systems

(…continuing a Twitter thread) io-ts caught my attention a while back and I finally had the chance to read through it. I’m glad folks are experimenting in this area, particularly with the potential reach into multiple communities and ecosystems that TypeScript affords. We use dry-rb extensively at work and I was curious how a TypeScript… Continue reading Enforce system consistency at the boundaries & meditations on run-time type systems

The Beautiful Ones

Prince’s unfinished memoir, The Beautiful Ones is a quick, but awkward, read. The preface is the most coherent, the story of how the editor, Dan Piepenbring, ended up being chosen by Prince to realize his autobiography. It shines an interesting light onto what it was like to be in Prince’s orbit, if only briefly. Of… Continue reading The Beautiful Ones

Keep waterfall out of your agile

An insightful thing my pal Brandon Hays observed is that teams introduce little bits of waterfall into their agile processes when they get burned by scope expansion, bugs, infrastrucure, and such.

Unblocking oneself

Succeeding and thriving at remote work is largely about getting very good at asynchronous (Slack, discussion threads, email, etc.) and nearly-asynchronous (phone calls, video meetings, screen sharing) communication. Productivity in remote work is often bottlenecked by the availability of teammates for near-asynchronous collaboration. Therefore: boost your productivity as a remote team member by writing up… Continue reading Unblocking oneself

When management clicks

As a manager, I hear about things that are interesting and things that probably need changing. “We want to do three projects but only have two teams.”“The next production release is held up by this one task that needs seven people to agree on a minor but complicated detail.”“The backend team has to spend the… Continue reading When management clicks