Three (increasingly wild) bits about Prince

As unreleased material trickles out of the Prince estate, some fantastic stories have emerged. I haven’t yet read The Beautiful Ones, but even the stories that aren’t part of his incomplete autobiography are top-notch Prince mythology. Prince hired a DJ to play music for just him and his date: “And then it hits me,” WallyWaves … Continue reading Three (increasingly wild) bits about Prince

Contracts made older objects better

Developers love contracts, i.e. types and type systems. Except, and especially, when they don’t. Contracts tell us, this module has a few functions and they definitely take these inputs and produce these outputs. Some languages (Haskell, Elm) even encode the possible side-effects of calling a function in the types. Contracts place useful, and sometimes comforting, … Continue reading Contracts made older objects better

Taking notes on paper vs. glass in 2019

Software (currently, GoodNotes) and hardware (iPad Pro + Apple Pencil) are finally to a point where glass is competitive with paper (currently, Studio Neat Panobook, previously Baron Fig Confidant). I suspect we’re in a grey area like automatic vs. manual transmissions. Most folks won’t care and choose whichever is easier or at their disposal. A … Continue reading Taking notes on paper vs. glass in 2019

Sometimes you have to compile a list of known issues and ship

“’tis better to have known a software bug than to have never had a software at all” Lord Alfred Tennyson, except not Software that never ships never has issues. Draw the line, get it out there. Celebrate a little and recharge your batteries. Now fix the important stuff; it may not even be the bug … Continue reading Sometimes you have to compile a list of known issues and ship