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Birdland, Forgetting, Libertarianism, Hoboken

Wherein we learn of great quotes, some politics, and what’s afoot with Sinatra.

Hello, 2009! Let’s try a slightly different format. Starting it out with ““Birdland” by Weather Report”: can’t hurt.

Shawn Blanc says “the best todo software lets us forget”: I absolutely agree. Shawn also pointed out “Rules For My Unborn Son”:, which is indeed a great set of guidelines on being a mensch. A choice “JFK quote from therein on optimism”:

Provocateurs “Zed Shaw”: and “Giles Bowkett”: are in much better form when they are tilting against libertarianism. Which isn’t to say that they’re right or libertarianism is wrong. They’re just better at tilting against social abstractions.

If you’ve ever looked at writing tiny web apps or services with Sinatra, you’re probably interested in “what’s proposed on the Hoboken branch”: “Ryan Tomayko”: has great taste, I tell you.

By Adam Keys

Telling a joke. Typing.