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Howdy! These are the sort of things I’m thinking about in my spare time, while walking/showering, and (inexplicably) when I wake up with a real dinger of an idea.

  • Working in small increments towards medium-to-large projects or outcomes is tricky. I too frequently find myself down a much deeper rabbit hole than I’d intended. And I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and practicing at it! Recommended reading: Simon Willison on productivity.

    Read-only and write-only modes of accessing social media – there’s something good here. E.g., blogs and feed readers are distinct from most1 posting software. Currently, I’m reading Twitter once a day, as a digest, without the ability to scroll an infinite timeline. If I want to post, I open up an entirely different app that nudges me towards writing instead of dashing off hot-takes. Interestingly, Typefully and Mailbrew are what I’m using for this and are made by the same team. I wonder if that was intentional or a happy accident?

    Billing/subscriptions/payment projects are absolutely crucial, “undifferentiated heavy lifting”, and difficult to pull off. I have a ton of unstructured ideas about this. The latest kernel of an idea: billing projects are very likely to involve weird interactions between business goals, customer psychology, and anecdata.

    The nap hierarchy – naps are probably in my top 5 list of work-from-home benefits.

    1. Early versions of NetNewsWire and Userland Radio notwithstanding.

  • How I work: what might “pairing” with a language model-based assistant (e.g. GPT-3) look like?

    How I build: the tension between the web platform being more capable than ever versus the difficulty of standing up many kinds of “basic” applications. e.g. animation is better/more sophisticated than ever, but skipping ahead with building web/database applications requires expertise and a few hours to get something up and running.

    How I collaborate: encouraging teams to work in issue threads, thereby improving the quality of thinking (via writing) and building ambient, asynchronous awareness amongst teammates.

  • Delegating: supporting teammates, delivering the right context, setting good outcomes/goals.

    Not delegating: managing/mitigating risk, resolving unknowns. “Delegate downhill work, tackle uphill work.”

    🤔 Compilers are at once magic and the closest thing to mechanical tools in a software developer’s experience.

    ✍🏻 Reflecting on using Shape Up for the past few years…

    • Managing a backend engineering team at Pingboard.
    • Managers can, and should, do deep work. What forms does that take?
    • You can build anything from trust; how do you turn accountability into agency amongst teams?
    • How can I get more writing/editing/publishing practice in?
    • Meditating & reading