Top of Mind No. 4

The practice of building software/technology is going through a phase shift. We’ve worked from abundance the past few years. Now we have to figure out which developments are worth keeping and make a dividend of that exploration. It’s not clear what job roles, kinds of software, practices, and benefits1 will persevere.

We’re going to have to ask “what would you say it is you do around here?” of software development assumptions from the past few years. It’s unsettling2, but some good corrections will come of it.

I’m betting that using writing as a lever will remain under-rated and under-used. Both for asynchronous/remote work and improving all kinds of thinking about building software.

Furthermore, Poker Face is excellent.

  1. Sorry, nap pods and ping-pong tables.
  2. And, often executed cynically.
Adam Keys @therealadam