Those Who Make, by hand

Those Who Make is a series about people who craft. Physical things, by hand, that don’t come out the same every time. I love watching people make things, and I doubly love hearing their passion for whatever it is they’re making. Even more enlightening, this is a very international series. It’s not all hipster shops in San Francisco, Portland, and Brooklyn; it’s everywhere.

This is delightful stuff.

How coffee is made in a colorful shop in another country, shot in the “Vimeo style” (is this a thing?): that will always get me.

2 thoughts on “Those Who Make, by hand

  1. It’s probably the programmer in me but I could not help but trying to come up with similarity between sourcing the beans, spending time roasting & sweating to get the details right to create the most flavorful coffee cup to creating a delightful experience for users of our product by making sure we think through & maintain control over as much of our stack as possible.

  2. Here’s another similarity: for some developers, taking things off the shelf and building on top of frameworks is really great. For some coffee drinkers, Starbucks or the stuff in the hotel lobby is just fine too.

    Obviously, around here, we make our own coffee and often build our own tools. But it’s useful to know that we sit on a spectrum.

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