A conversation between fictional engineers in a fictional world

A hypothetical conversation that may have occurred between two non-existent engineers working on the second Death Star in the completely fictional Star Wars universe.

Engineer #1: Hey Bob, I was perusing the blueprints for this “Second Deathstar” this morning. Pretty impressive stuff.

Engineer #2: Thanks Hank. I’m pretty proud of it.

Engineer #1: And you should be! Had one question though. There was something in the request-for-proposals that mentioned some flaw in the previous one where a snub fighter could drop a torpedo through a vent and blow the whole thing up, yeah?

Engineer #2: Yep! Don’t you feel bad for the poor schmuck who made that decision?

Engineer #1: Haha, that’s a good one Bob. So you fixed that right?

Engineer #2: Oh, definitely. All the exhaust ports are small enough the only thing falling in there is a grain of sand.

Engineer #1: Nice thinking! So, my real question is, what’s this giant opening you can fly a large freighter through? And why does it lead right to the station’s giant fusion reactor that sits in a room big enough to fly in circles in said large freighter?

Engineer #2: Oh, that? Well, the passage from that room to the surface is where I’m going to run all the pipes and wiring that I forget about until the last second. I figure once I’m done patching everything together, no pilot would be able to fly through there, even in a snub fighter.

Engineer #1: And the giant room?

Engineer #2: Oh, you know clients. Always deciding they want something really impressive at the last minute. I figured I’d just leave a little extra room in case they come up with something at the last minute.

Engineer #1: Haha, right again Bob. Clients are such idiots.

Adam Keys @therealadam