Warning: politics

Embedded within the migraine that is American politics are some very interesting ideas. Economics, markets, ethics, freedom, equality, education, transportation, and security are all intriguing topics. Recently, I figured out that the headache comes not from people or trying to make the ideas work, but in politics. Getting a majority of the people to agree on anything is a giant pain of coordination. When you throw in fearmongering, power struggles, critically wounded media, and the fact most people would rather not think deeply about any of this you end up with the major downer that we face today.

All that said, here are some pithy one-liners about politics:

* If I were part of the Democratic leadership, I’d be wondering how you take the high road in a race to the bottom. And win.

* If I were a Republican, I’d be wondering how to dig myself out of this giant hole I made by winning a race to the bottom.

* If I were a libertarian, I’d be wondering how to convince people that the Tea Party is different from what I believe in.

* If I were a leader of the Tea Party, I’d be wondering what I’m going to do when someone who claims to be a part of the Tea Party blows up a building or goes nuts with an assault rifle.

* If I were a politician, I’d wonder how much I have to compromise my values and what I really wanted to accomplish but still get enough votes to keep my job.

* If I were skeptical of climate change due to human activity, I’d be wondering how I’m going to find a spaceship, because this line of reasoning leads to the conclusion that the Earth is about to become very inhospitable.

* If I were a nihilist, I’d wonder…nothing.

There, have I offended everyone?

4 thoughts on “Warning: politics

  1. Actually, if I were a politician, I would run on the fact that I would not rent seek (optimizing for votes instead of public good), that I would post every single detail of what I did as a representative, I would write up why I vote one way or another on every decision, and I would probably last only one term.

    But a guy can dream, right?

  2. So we know that Adams would be wringing his hands (AS USUALLY), Franklin would be like a real Tony Stark, Thomas Jefferson would either be in rehab or legitimately plotting an overthrow, and Hamilton would be singing of sweet vindication.

    What would George Washington think?

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