What I'm Thinking

Last night at Cohabitat, we did some lightning talks. The prompt was “What I’m Thinking”. I decided to take a cross-section of topics I’ve been immersing myself in lately. And of course, every good talk needs a gimmick, so I went with some of the fantastic shows on television right now. Here’s a map of the topic:


And here’s a video of my talk:

It’s a whirlwind tour through software, abstractions, economics, finance, Mad Men, business, the messiness of life, Gossip Girl, indie developers, 30 Rock, sweating the details, product development, LOST, life’s interconnectedness and how awesome it is to try to understand all of this.

I hope you enjoy it. I forgot to take questions after the talk, so please feel free to correct me or inquire in the comments.

One thought on “What I'm Thinking

  1. SO SORRY no video!?

    That was an awesome talk by the way. Besides the content itself, I very much appreciated that you had ONE slide. Somebody went to the Tufte seminar! (Only no handout? Next time, I assume!)

    I want to have another similar thing, but make it a bit more specific where they have to be more like yours. Prizes for most boxes and arrows? I’m not sure how to describe it, but clearly you understand what I’m talking about. Maybe give each invited speaker two topics (or a group of topics) and they have to make the connections?

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