Save it for your iVillage blog

I started playing Halo 3 again this week. I am quite rusty at it now - I think I regressed while others greatly advanced. But, that’s a digression.

So I dropped into matchmaking on Xbox Live this morning and joined a group playing the new maps. As I entered the game lobby, a guy was yammering on. It wasn’t your typical “UR GAY” banter you normally get on Xbox Live. This guy was going on about his very mundane Sunday afternoon, even detailing the sandwich he’d had. Now, since the level of decorum on Xbox Live is pretty low (read: non-existent), I put him in his place.

I told him to “save it for his iVillage blog.”

Dead silence…lesson learned! 30 Rock viewers and those playing Halo 3 are a pretty disparate set.

Adam Keys @therealadam