Slash pages & micro-features

Slash pages:

…are common pages you can add to your website, usually with a standard, root-level slug like /now, /about, or /uses. They tend to describe the individual behind the site and are distinguishing characteristics of the IndieWeb.

This sort of thing is what makes personal/humane-scale websites the greatest. So many adventures to choose from!

My favorites, already in place here:

  • /about – “a page all about you”
  • /blogroll – “a list of other sites that you read, are a follower of, or recommend”

And the ones I need to get off my butt and implement:

  • /uses – “details of the things you use on a daily basis”
  • /colophon – “a page that describes how the site is made, with what tools, supporting what technologies”
  • /hello – “a single page listing the ways that you prefer to keep in touch”
  • /now – “a page that tells you what this person is focused on at this point in their life”

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Adam Keys @therealadam