Blogs were/are a fun moment

Manuel Moreale, Why I write:

But the reason why I started is long gone at this point. I started the blog as some sort of public accountability tool and it’s now everything but that. I don’t write to be accountable. I probably should.

Manuel asks a lot of folks about why they started writing their blogs. It’s a great question! Some folks want to get weird, others can’t not write and putting it online as good as anything, still others want to connect with a community.

That last one, connecting with a community, is closest to my answer. I started because there was so much excitement, energy, and connection in the early 2000s blogs. It was a real scene. And, plenty of invention! Before there was centralized social media and web 2.0 there was decentralized blogging. An earnest attempt to take the technology of peer-to-peer file sharing and build something besides music sharing on it. It was a fun moment.

Adam Keys @therealadam