Taylor Troesh’s pseudoprose is a notation for writing/note-taking/thinking:

How to

  • Write in English, Spanish, whatever.
  • Grammar is optional.
  • Markdown is encouraged.
  • Embed in any document with [[…]] brackets.
  • Use {…} for comments.
  • Use <<…>> for LLM instructions.
  • “tk” means “todo”.


  • Jot down notes/ideas quickly.
  • Focus on semantics over syntax.
  • Less text to edit.
  • Offload grunt work to LLMS.

Notably, also a notation for annotating LLM/AI/Copilot interactions directly into your text. For the wonks, a GPT-4 prompt is included to convert psuedoprose to well-formed Markdown without any code. What a world.

Other folks’ ways of writing and taking notes are endlessly fascinating.

Adam Keys @therealadam