Careers are non-linear

David Hoang, Should managers be technical?:

Career development looks more like unlocking attributes for a different subclass in a role-playing game, than picking a distinct class that can never change. It’s not a path. It’s a collection of skills and attributes focused on certain outcomes. Applying foundational skills is heavily contingent on your role and responsibility.

👍🏻 Careers, management or not, aren’t straight lines. The skills you need for your career aren’t a tree with one root. You can skip between various skill trees, if you like! You can go deep, but wide is an option too. The more you know, the more you can delegate!

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A wise person from a Destiny 2 Slack:

I guess when you’re done with the main quest, you go back and do side quests

Careers (and lives) are non-linear. Occasionally their trajectories don’t make sense. They may even outright disappoint, in the moment. The silver lining is, they give us unique skills and experience that someone in the world wants if only we can find them. 📈

Adam Keys @therealadam