Journal for work/life/everything

Ray Grasso, Long Live the Work Journal:

Keep a journal for work, champions.

It’s pretty easy to get started—just create a text file.

Throw in a new heading each day and write down whatever you did—a single line for each task is usually enough. I put the newer dates at the top so it’s less scrolling to get to the most recent content. Over time you end up with your own little private reverse-chronological blog-in-a-file.

Each day, dump in commands you’ve run; links to documents you’ve created, reviewed, or read; tasks you want to get done; or goals you want to achieve.

You’re building a little outboard brain where your work history is just a short grep away.

Endorsed. Journals are the best PKM impact-to-effort ratio out there. I like DayOne, been using it for more than ten years and thousands of entries. But, anything works! Your notes app, a text file, a document in your preferred word processor. Anything you can search later and access anywhere is good!

The most important thing is to turn what’s in your head into “words on paper”. That’s when the magic happens!

Adam Keys @therealadam