Inside you, there are two or more brains

David Hoang, Galaxy Brain, Gravity Brain, and Ecosystem Brain:

The Galaxy Brain thinkers are in 3023 while we're in 2023. They relentlessly pursue the questions, “What if?” Imagination and wonder fuel the possibilities of what the world could be.

I believe every strong team requires skeptics and realists. Introducing, the Gravity Brain. Don't get it twisted in thinking this is negative—it's a huge positive. If you say "jump," to a Gravity Brain person, they won't say, "how high?" Instead, they say, "Why are we jumping? Have we considered climbing a ladder? Based on the average vertical jump of humans on Earth, this isn't worth our time." Ambition and vision don’t matter if you don’t make progress towards them.

Ecosystem Brains think a lot of forces of nature and behaviors. They are usually architects and world builders. When they join a new company, they do an archeological dig to understand the history of society, language, and other rituals.

I’m a natural gravity brain and occasional ecosystem brain. I aspire to galaxy brain, but often get there by of proposing a joke/bad idea to clear my mind and get to the good ideas.

Which one are you?

Adam Keys @therealadam