The Beatles 🤝 Timeless leadership lessons

The Economist, The Beatles and the art of teamwork:

Take the role of Ringo, for example. When he is not actually playing, the band’s drummer spends most of his time either asleep or looking bewildered. When the other three musicians bicker, Ringo smiles beatifically. To a casual observer, he might appear dispensable. But musically, nothing works without him, and as a team member he softens conflict and bridges divides.

More teams need Ringo(s), those who make it work without soaking up emotional energy.

Managers who think that building esprit de corps requires a separate activity from work—here-comes-the-fun time, set aside for axe-throwing or gif battles or something equally ghastly—are missing a fundamental point. The highest-performing teams derive the greatest satisfaction not from each other, but from the work they do together.

The Beatles weren’t excellent due to vacationing together in India. They were exceptional because of what they built together, both because of and sometimes despite each other. So it goes with teams.

Adam Keys @therealadam