Graphs are the new hierarchies

In the sense that trees of people (managers and reports, ala Taylorism) are the old guard. Data (folders and files) are old sauce and nodes + edges are new sauce.

In the sense that part of the confusion of our modern world is that e.g. the Koch brothers have considerable influence on how the Republican party organizes itself. Thus, money is the speech that organizes our current regime and acts on policy. But the Koch brothers aren’t on the org chart for the government or the Republican party.

In the sense that hierarchical databases are such old sauce that I’ve never used one. People new to software development don’t even realize they were at one time a thing that competed against the idea of relational databases.

In the sense that writing is linear or organized by chapters in books. But, the web is a wild mess of hyperlinked graphs. Maybe writers want to organize by graphs too!

(Spoiler: you can represent strictly hierarchical data with graphs too!)

Adam Keys @therealadam