Get a cute credit card and overtip

Highly recommend: get a BB-8 or similarly lovely icon from your favorite mythology on the credit/debit card you most frequently use. I have a couple lovely bonus conversations with folks per week because of it. Sometimes it's "like your card" but sometimes it's full "did you see the latest thing?" and it's nice to talk to people outside my normal routines.

Of note, I get as many comments about BB-8 on my card in a week as I did for Darth Vader in a month. QED the fandom is wrong, bring more fun stuff and less super-serious Skywalker stuff. And don't be cowards, let Chewbacca and Maz resolve their romantic tension!

ps. tip everyone you can until our country’s terrible treatment of people in service jobs improves. They work hard, get paid too little, have basically zero safety net, and serve on the front lines of the "may I speak with the manager" wars.

Adam Keys @therealadam