Little victories amongst the bigger vision

A couple of my favorite Ruby friends mentioned that they’re trying to keep their side projects small. Despite that very practical aspiration, the siren call of larger projects still beckons. We know the pragmatic step is to find the little projects inside the big projects and share/ship those.

And yet…it’s easy to fall back into big projects, forgetting to show progress. So here I am, showing a little bit of progress! 🤞


Here's a behind-the-scenes look: I wrote this months ago, when I was trying to get back to consistently blogging. It was my the little push to get the habit started again.

The astute amongst have noticed that I've been somewhat consistent for the past few weeks. But I'm about to jaunt off for a few days of vacation and I didn't want to let my progress reset to zero. So I dug this post back up and here we are. Repurposed for a good purpose.

I'm still here, showing progress. Finding the little victories amongst the bigger vision. Keeping the candle lit, per se. As it turns out, if perfect is the enemy of good, skipping your blogs because you're going on vacation is the enemy of sticking with the habit of blogging. 📈

Adam Keys @therealadam