Three (increasingly wild) bits about Prince

As unreleased material trickles out of the Prince estate, some fantastic stories have emerged. I haven’t yet read The Beautiful Ones, but even the stories that aren’t part of his incomplete autobiography are top-notch Prince mythology.

Prince hired a DJ to play music for just him and his date:

“And then it hits me,” WallyWaves writes. “There’s only two people in there. Prince and a girl. I’m not there to DJ a private party. I’m there to DJ a date. Prince is on a date and I’m the entertainment.”

Prince shopping before Tower Records opened:

Mike: "How do you want to pay for this? Would you like us to ring it up now?"

Prince: (smiles)

Jerome: "Yeah, talk to THIS dude, here's his number, he'll handle it." (hands us digits for the President of Warner Bros. Records)

Finally, for all your conversational and expressive needs, an Official Prince GIF Archive.

Do you think he's making a guitar sound with his mouth here?
Do you think he's making guitar sounds with his mouth while he films a music video for a recording of him making guitar sounds with his hands?

Adam Keys @therealadam