My 2019 routine, your mileage may vary

I'm having a moment where I feel like I've got a winning wakeup/morning formula 🎊. Wake up early, around 6:30am. Feed the cats so they don't barf in protest later. Skim the tweets and feeds for a few minutes while the brain boots up. Write for five, fifteen minutes or so. Organize and think about notes/files/projects/research (I'm trying PARA) and the structure of my work. Meditate. Work out, get to work (around 9:30am, lately).

Drink coffee. Focus before lunch. Teamwork after lunch, focused if possible. But probably meetings or 1:1s. Land ideas/tasks/projects/articles into Things as I work so I can avoid distractions.

Backfill things I finished into my todo so I don't have days where I accomplish a lot but check off little. Finish work by 6ish. Read in the evenings. Restrict gaming to weeks my wife travels for competitions. (Narrator: he used restrict in a loose sense, here). Watch the Peak Television, or just Bob's Burgers re-runs in the evening. Read a bit before bed, but probably also end up watching car videos on YouTube.

I fall to sleep easily, which is my superpower. Rinse, repeat.

Adam Keys @therealadam