Supporting remote work when you're co-located

Dave Rupert, Everything I Know About Remote Work. Me, everything I know about working with remote workers when you're co-located:

  1. Every single meeting has a video link.
  2. If one person is remote on a meeting, it's optimal to have everyone on the video call. Meeting rooms with video equipment are good, but don't put everyone on equal footing. Mind the dynamic! One person with their laptop open vaguely facing most participants is not even acceptable.
  3. People naturally discuss and even decide things face-to-face/offline when colocated. That's fine! Make sure one person summarizes the shape of the conversation and important take-aways in email/Slack/whatever you're using.
  4. You now work async. On the downside, that means anyone on your team could now be heads-down, in the zone, not responding to your emails/Slacks while they get stuff done. On the upside, you can turn off all your distractions and get some stuff done too!

The end.

Narrator: there was probably more...

Adam Keys @therealadam