Currently intriguing: Toby Shorin

I'm currently intrigued by, and not entirely sure what to do with, the ideas of Toby Shorin. Particularly, Jobs To Be Done and The Desire for Full Automation. The thread of design thinking, the "needs" of technology, capitalism, and social systems runs throughout. Milkshakes are perfect for commutes, jobs are as varied as chores, biological functions, and societal norms. Existing in the system of the world, the system and our job within it defining us. What capitalism desires of people and society, the need for automation therein. Whether automation of tedium liberates or restricts us. Has the agency of capital (the excess money in the emergent system we live in) already turned us into automatons for its purposes? How does automation and purpose square with religion? 🤔🤔🤔

Adam Keys @therealadam