Reclaim the hacker mindset

There was a time when the hacker mindset was about something nice.

They’ve adopted a hacking mindset. They translate this clever, ethical, enjoyable, excellence-seeking behaviour to their everyday lives. See? Hacking is a mindset, not a skillset. When you seek, in your everyday life, to deliberately find opportunities to be clever, ethical, to enjoy what you are doing, to seek excellence, then you’re hacking.

Not enriching a few people. Not replacing everyone else’s bad things with differently-bad treadmills. Not crushing 20-hour days, the latest programming hype, or whatever Paul Graham/Peter Thiel are saying. The orange website ethos, as one might say.

Enjoyable. Ethical. Seeking excellence to reshape the world into something better for everyone’s everyday life.

By Adam Keys

Telling a joke. Typing.