The TTY demystified. Learn you an arcane computing history, terminals, shells, UNIX, and even more arcanery! Terminal emulators are about the most reliable, versatile tools in my not-so-modern computing toolkit. It’s nice to know a little more about how they work, besides “lots of magic ending in -TY”, e.g. teletypes, pseudo-terminals, session groups, etc.

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By Adam Keys

Telling a joke. Typing.

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  1. r 10 # public domain
    x 20 # requires iso 6429 / vt100
    y 12
    start -3.14 ; cls
    stop   3.14
    for p start stop 0.0314
        xcol p  ; cos ; times r     ; plus x ; times 2 ; int
        yrow p  ; sin ; times r     ; plus y ; int
        now "*" ; locate yrow, xcol ; prints

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