Life's Easy Mode

This morning I walked a half mile, not too far, to a neighborhood coffee shop. I had two breakfast tacos and a sweet-flavored latte.

I can choose to walk, and take a Sunday morning (really, a whole weekend) to myself because I went to college, fooled around with computers a bunch, and happened upon a time of tremendous income growth for people who fooled around with computers a lot.

On the way, I walked down a well-maintained and safe sidewalk in an neighborhood in the middle of teardowns and gentrification. At one point, a small branch had grown over the sidewalk. Not big enough to walk around entirely, just the right size to push away.

But then, like a miracle, the wind blew just so and pushed the branch out of my way. It was like nature’s automatic sliding door.

Seems that’s a pretty good way of summing up the Easy Mode of Life that is being a professional white guy.

Adam Keys @therealadam