A newsletter

So I did this thing where I wrote a newsletter. I’m going to do it again. The first iteration of this publication was a bit like a written late-night variety show. I wrote about interesting articles, or things that interested me. Each “episode” almost always closed with some kind of musically awesome thing I’d found on the internet.

The next iteration of this newsletter will be like a hand-delivered transmogrification of this weblog. I’ll include links to the articles I thought were most special or had a surprising reception. I’ll occasionally write “commentary tracks” on how an article came to be. Each edition will almost certainly end with a musical or pop culture find, because what fun is running a newsletter if I can’t annoy you with my pop culture tastes?

My hope is that you’ll find this interesting. You can take a look at what I’ve written previously and subscribe to this free internet email newsletter at your discretion. I think you might like it.

Adam Keys @therealadam