Some productivity winners

Three things that are making me more productive lately:

  • Pick a thing and do it. Whatever you want to accomplish today, do it immediately after you wake up. No social media, no food, nothing. Work on it for 30-60 minutes and then get on with your day. I’d mentioned this before, but I fell off the horse and needed to get back on.
  • No visible clocks. Not in menubars, not in toolbars, not on walls, not on screens. I totally perceive time in a different way when I’m don’t perceive each minute as it passes.
  • Pre-work pep talk. Before I sit down to do something, I talk myself through how I’m going to solve the problem, what the scope of this session is, or think through how I want to structure the thing I’m making. If I do this, I’m much more likely to stay on task, shrug off roadblocks, and avoid distracting myself.

Go forth and crush it.

One thought on “Some productivity winners

  1. Hi Adam! Nice post, I actually never thought about the no-visible clocks thingy! Maybe i could give it a try… but i don’t know, cause i usually have an excel file opened to track the time I spent on each thing – and also to review at the end of the day how my day went!
    Your advice are pretty obvious once read… but those are things I actually never thought about before!
    Thanks a lot!

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