Three application growth stories

First you grow your application, then you grow your organization, and then you get down to the metal and eek out all the performance you can.

Evolution of SoundCloud’s Architecture, this is how you grow an application without eating the elephant too soon. I would love to send this back to Adam from two years ago. Note that they ended up using RabbitMQ as a broker instead of Resque as a job queue. This nuanced position put them in a pretty nice place, architecturally.

Addicted to Stable is equal parts “hey, you should automate things and use graphs/monitoring to tell you when things break” and “look at all of GitHub’s nifty internal tools”. Even though I’ve seen the latter a few times already, I like my pal John Nunemaker’s peak into how it all comes together.

High Performance Network Programming on the JVM explains how to choose network programming libraries for the JVM, some pro’s and con’s to know about, and lays out a nice conceptual model for building network services. Seems like this is where you want to start once you reach the point where your application needs to serve tens of thousands of client concurrently.

I’m going to keep posting links like these until, some day, I feel like I’m actually doing it right. Until then, stand on other people’s shoulders, learn from experience.

Adam Keys @therealadam