Ruby anthropology with Hopper

Zach Holman is doing some interesting code anthropology on the Ruby community. Consider Aggressively Probing Ruby Projects:

Hopper is a Sinatra app designed to pull down tens of thousands of Ruby projects from GitHub, snapshot each repository into ten equidistant revisions, run them through a battery of tests (which we call Probes), and hopefully come up with some deeply moving insights about how we write Ruby.

There are plenty of code metric gizmos out there. At a glance, Hopper takes a few nice steps over extant projects. Unlike previous tools, it has a clear design, an obvious extension mechanism, and the analysis tools are distinct from the reporting tools. Further, it’s designed to run out-in-the-open, on existing open source projects. This makes it immediately useful and gives it a ton of data to work with.

For entertainment, here’s some information collected on some stuff I worked on at Gowalla: Chronologic and Audit.

Adam Keys @therealadam