Burpess and other intense workouts

What’s the Best Exercise?

But when pressed, he suggested one of the foundations of old-fashioned calisthenics: the burpee, in which you drop to the ground, kick your feet out behind you, pull your feet back in and leap up as high as you can. “It builds muscles. It builds endurance.” He paused. “But it’s hard to imagine most people enjoying” an all-burpees program, “or sticking with it for long.”
I'm having trouble deciding whether I should say good things about burpees. I only do a handful at a time, usually as part of a series of movements. They're not so bad if you start with just a few and work up from there.

Burpees aside, it’s interesting to see opinions on what the most useful exercise movements are. I’m really glad I don’t need to start doing butterflies though.

Adam Keys @therealadam