Don't complain, make things better

notes on “an empathetic plan”:

Worse is when the the people doing the complaining also make software or web sites or iPhone applications themselves. As visible leaders of the web, I think there are a lot of folks who could do a favor to younger, less experienced people by setting an example of critiquing to raise up rather than critiquing to tear down.

If you’re a well known web or app developer who complains a lot on Twitter about other people’s projects, I am very likely talking about you. You and I both know that there are many reasons why something works a certain way or why something in the backend would affect the way something works on the front-end.

Set agreement to maximum. If you’re complaining on Twitter just to make yourself feel better, keep in mind that some of us are keeping score.

Don’t waste your time griping and bringing other people down. Spend your time making better things.

Adam Keys @therealadam