Working from home, better

Tips for working alone:

The other thing I’m doing is bringing back my practice of writing “daily pages”… ~750 words a day to myself, that sort of help me get everything out in the open in my head and so that I can find a bit of clarity in my typically scrambled thoughts.

I do this too. I find it’s pretty handy for focusing my thoughts and bringing ideas out.

Some other things I’ve done working from home the past year or so:

  • Put as many distractions as possible in another room. Get the TV, Xbox, etc. out of your workspace.
  • Keep it clean. Nothing is more distracting, to me, than mess and clutter.
  • Take a nap! I’ve become a regular nap taker lately, right after lunch; it’s noticeable the improvement it brings.
  • Use Twitter, IRC, Campfire, IM, etc. as your watercooler. Standard disclaimers apply - make sure your work/socializing blend is right.
  • Get out every once in a while. I try to get out to socialize with other geeks or get lunch with my wife at least twice a week.

And remember, working from home isn’t for everyone. If it’s not for you, look into your local coworking space. (Dallas folks: give Cohabitat a try, it’s great.)

Adam Keys @therealadam