Awesome yak shaves

I was sharing some nefarious plans with Dave Thomas yesterday at the DFW PragProg lunch. He later tipped me off to “tinyrb”, which is awesome. It’s a minimal implementation of Ruby that uses “Ragel”, “Lemon” and is inspired by “Potion”… I’ve long had a thing for messing with languages and their implementations, so I quickly ended up at this “great Ragel tutorial”… and then reading about “register machines”:, “context-free grammars”: and “LLVM”

I accomplished nothing, but diving into a topic is it’s own reward. Here’s what I’ve concluded:

  • I’m super green at this stuff. But I want to go to there.
  • There’s too much awesome stuff to do out there: tinker with languages, build apps, visualize data, network things, etc.
  • “Marc-André Cournoyer” is my hero; not only did he implement tinyrb, but he’s also the guy behind “Thin” and “Refactor My Code”

Long story short: I need more time.

Adam Keys @therealadam