Developing fluidly

Here’s a raw idea I’m playing with in my head:

Agile development is great. But, if your team doesn’t map well to it, steal ideas from agile relentlessly.

You want a fluid environment where developers can solve problems (features, defects, chores) as they see fit.

Don’t use procedures to normalize productivity or as a communication protocol.

Do have a way to communicate things that need to get done or could possibly get done.

You need a safety net. Unless you know better, that safety net is some kind of automated developer test suite.

Enable developers, don’t direct them.


One thought on “Developing fluidly

  1. My experience has been that the more self-organizing and self-directing a team can be, the more successful they are.

    Self-directed teams have the freedom to innovate and find creative solutions. Communication, prioritization, and freedom are the backbone of a good software culture.

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