Close tabs and remove icons relentlessly

Matt Lyon asks, “What’s the cure for tab-itis“? I’ll share the answer with everyone.

Long term, develop a severe aversion to too many tabs. Short term, burn it to the ground. If you really need it, you’ll find it again.

This solution works for many things: apps in your menubar, apps in your Dock, tabs in your (Twitter, email, newsreader, etc.) folders on your Desktop, etc; anything that gets cluttered when you indulge your NADD(nerd attention deficit disorder).

Letting go of your short term stress that “OMG there might be something awesome in there” is a poor trade for long-term relaxation. Awesome will find you.

2 responses to “Close tabs and remove icons relentlessly”

  1. Number of delicious bookmarks I create daily: 5-10

    Number of times a day I visit a previously bookmarked page: less than 1

    Maybe that’s a form of tab-itis, too?

  2. ‘Sho ’nuff. That’s why I’ve stopped using Delicious and started using “EagleFilter”: to keep track of useful stuff online.

    The bar for what I end up saving is also a lot higher these days. I also try to limit the number of tags, as _too_ long of a tail isn’t particularly useful.