I Heart Complexity

Like I said, I think the market for simple applications is probably saturated and now is the time for Ruby and Rails to go up-market and tackle bigger problems. We’re well equipped to do that, having learned from what sorts of simplicity help reduce tricky problems to tractable problems.


In my RailsConf Europe 2008 presentation, I play the role of the messenger. I’m not bringing any new science that makes building more involved applications easier. Instead, I’m trying to tie it together into an understandable package. You take the gems described herein (money, acts_as_state_machine and acts_as_versioned) and a couple concepts (domain driven design and queueing) and you can build some really cool applications that solve pretty tricky problems. To me, that’s big fun.

You can check the presentation out on Slideshare or grab the PDF. Also, make sure to check out the code on GitHub. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “I Heart Complexity

  1. Very intersting presentation, thanks. It serves well as introduction to DDD, but do you think, that you’ve “tackled” complexity? Those things are not really the hardest ones, don’t you think so? Nevertheless, cool application!

  2. Well sure, complexity is a big thing. Certainly just five concepts aren’t enough to handle all sorts of difficulty. I could do a whole presentation on the wacky complexities present in municipal property appraisal, but a lot of that doesn’t play to most people. So I tried to focus on some that were interesting to me, were easy to show how to use in Rails and have a good learning/leverage ratio.

    That said, I’d love to hear how others are tackling applications that are noticeably larger and more involved than what they have in the past!

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