RailsConf Europe, here I come

RailsConf Europe is next week. I’m so there!

I’m giving a talk on complexity and how I heart it. Ruby, and Rails in particular, started out with a very strong statement _against_ complexity. Mostly this was about the complexity that imposed by ceremonious frameworks and technologies.

My stance is that all the really simple applications are done. But perhaps there are some ideas, some complexity, we can add to our problem-solving repertoire that let us tackle much larger applications. Some levers we can use to apply a little force and get a lot of result. Please to be joining me!

I took a couple years of German in high school, which is hopefully going to pay off as Courtney and I travel about Germany. If you’re at the conference, please come say hi, but forgive my Texan drawl. Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch! How little? Here is the translation of my first attempt, from my memory of German: “I am a small German language!”

(Oh, and rumor has it that there may be one more MVC video. Maybe.)

4 responses to “RailsConf Europe, here I come”

  1. Have fun at RailsConf Europe, hopefully they’ll put up a video of your talk. Too bad you won’t be able to make it to Lone Star.

  2. Hi,
    thanks for sharing your thoughts about complexity in that talk. And for the book as well.

  3. Hey Adam
    It would be great if your slides were available on the Railsconf Europe site.

    Thanks in advance :)