Exploratory hacking in TextMate

My first foray into screencasting:

‘Tis a little tutorial on a little bit of joy I use regularly. In TextMate, you can add xmp markers like so:

1 + 2 # =>
String.class # =>
%w{foo bar baz}.each { |w| w.upcase } # =>

Then if you hit Ctrl+Shift+Command+E, you get this:

1 + 2 # => 3
String.class # => Class
%w{foo bar baz}.each { |w| w.upcase } # => ["foo", "bar", "baz"]

This is a great way to do exploratory hacking. Plus, you don’t feel like you’re doing “printf” style debugging. And that makes everyone feel cooler!

2 thoughts on “Exploratory hacking in TextMate

  1. Excellent. Seems like there’s always one more thing I can learn about using TextMate. Thanks for the tip.

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