IIS 7, IE 8, Iron Ruby MEGA-MIX

Not only do you get a Mega-MIX, I’ll try it in haiku form. Because, I’m feeling sassy.

h2. On IIS

Metabase to angle
brackets; FastCGI now,
Mongrel later on

Decoded: they dropped the metabase for XML configuration, they can PHP and Rails apps through FastCGI now and they’re working on something like @mod_proxy_balancer@

h2. On IE 8

Security blah
Many fancy features; ask
Chris for IE validator

Decoded: even more security improvements, lots of fancy new features (see Ajaxian for more coverage), and over beers, Chris Wilson thought it was not entirely implausible to build some manner of Firebug extension that warns you about possible IE incompatibilities in the current page.

h2. On IronRuby

Rails someday; outside
people build test suite; polyglot
code reality

Decoded: they want to run Rails on IIS at some point, some non-MS contributors built them a test suite so they know what Ruby interpreter APIs they need to build but didn’t have to poke around in MRI to figure it out, programming in multiple languages using the DLR on top of the CLR is possible.

Adam Keys @therealadam