Bookstacks, photography and Star Wars

My bookshelf used to make me sad. So I finally dumped everything out and put things back in sane order. Of course, the magic of a cleanly organized bookshelf is all on Flickr. If you enjoy perusing book-stacks, you should have a lot of fun here. Even if you don’t, I made sure to include lots of fun notes to make it worth your time to give them a look see.

Bookshelf, after

Next, we’ve got Courtney’s nice work with her new digital SLR. She’s learning quickly, but already taking great photos:



Brick with 2100 printed on it

Finally, you may recall the Honda Civic del Sol that was converted to look like a fighter from Star Wars. Well Courtney and I came across a del Sol with a similar paint job last night, though not so much with the body mods. Wonderfully nerdy and indulgent.

Honda Star Wars car

To the person who drives this car, I salute you!

Adam Keys @therealadam