I want to look at your workspace

Briefly: I heart looking at the workspaces of others. One of the uniquely great things about going to conferences is shoulder-surfing other people to see how they work. So when I figure out how I can do that from the comfort of home, I get a little excited.

OK, I admit it. I have the tendencies of a “workflow voyeur”. And you can too!

Start with a recent discovery, Office Snapshots. Proceed to check out Garrett Murray’s new desk setup, or even his old setup. Rinse and repeat with the Unclutterer Flickr Group. In no time flat, you too can ogle and lust after the workspaces of others.

Here’s an obscenely out-of-date snap of my desktop at home:

Molly + Twitter

If you’re really awesome, you’ll snap some pics of your workspace and link to them in the comments here.

Adam Keys @therealadam