Anthropomorphized Gems

OK, I couldn’t make it to RubyConf this year. Big frownie face. But, I’m not letting that stop me from imposing my sense of humor on the world. I present to you this year’s helping of absurdity, “Anthropomorphized Gems”!

            <br /><a href="">Gems Anthropomorphized</a> from <a href="">Adam Keys</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>

So this is a little tribute to the gems I frequently use and enjoy. Thanks to the authors of the featured Gems and to all those who have released a Gem of any sort. Ruby has gone from a great language with a so-so library to a great language with a great library in relatively short order. Those making their Gems available deserve applause for making that happen.

h3. Administrivia

  • In HD, where available! This is my first foray into uploading video in HD. It takes a while, but the results are pretty nice to look at. On the other hand, none of my G4s seem to handle HD that well.
  • I’m trying Vimeo even though I can’t really make heads or tails of their TOS. If you can read TOS-ese, let me know if it allows them to sell my stuff to NBC, Fox, etc. without me getting a penny. That would be unfortunate.
  • For the record, I did go eat pizza after I finished putting this together.
Adam Keys @therealadam