I found trying to pick a Scala Web Framework very frustrating. Thankfully I settled on Play 2.1. The Play console is the best thing since sliced bread, and after a single curl and $PATH modification you’re off to the races with “play new myapp”.

Lift required your to either figure out Maven archetypes, or clone and cp an existing example project. No straight forward console or generator. Scalatra seemed pretty similar.

The Play templating system is awesome as well. Non of the XML issues you mentioned.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of SBT at first. I’m getting there though. Dependency management, Incremental compilation and continuous testing all baked into your Play console is the best thing since sliced bread.

I just figured out yesterday that I can prepend a “~” to any of the test commands in the console for continuous testing. So aside from “~test” watching everything, if I’m writing a unit-test I can just run “~test-only test.MyCurrentSpec”. That’s pretty ace.

Idiomatically, it seems like the community broadly agrees on the Scala Style Guide: http://docs.scala-lang.org/style/

At #nescala the keynote discussed the Cake Pattern in depth. While really cool, I get the feeling taking it to the limit in that way is probably something that’s going to be both rare and a bit controversial.

Seeing how to take a Future based application and turn it into a synchronous application with a one-liner for easier debuggability during testing was pretty mind-blowing to me. Avi Bryant’s talk on algorithms and realizing I could convert some years old naive code that takes minutes to run into something that could return near instantly with only a day or two’s effort (I spent weeks on the original implementation ;-)) was also a real eye-opener.

For me Scala is just really exciting. It doesn’t hurt that even without going crazy with symbolic methods, the Scala code I’ve written as ports of Ruby code is generally more concise, having to write 20%+ fewer LOC to do the same thing.

No more Null Pointer Exceptions. No more Thread Safety issues. I’m really pumped. :-D