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  • The first-stage engines of a Saturn V rocket

    Rockets and startups

    Wherein space programs and startups aren't so different.

  • Bridge enroute to Chilas

    Let the right something in

    There will always be more somethings we want to do than we have time to do. Right? Maybe. A lot of the right somethings can add up to a great thing, even if the somethings…

  • Mail routes

    A path through Enumerable

    In Cocoa, you can poke inside object graphs (and more!) using dotted strings: NSDictionary *bestOfBeatles = @{@"paul": @{@"beatles": @"Hey Jude", @"solo": @"Jet"}}; NSString *solo…

  • Cute aliens

    Aliens ate my program’s state

    So, Adam from a few years ago, you think you can build a distributed system? Designing a concurrent system, one that runs across multiple processors using shared memory threads,…

  • At sign

    A tale of two Rails views

    Wherein tradeoffs are examined

    A chunk of paper

    So I’m in rehearsals for a comedic musical. I love comedy. I’m very “meh” about musicals; I don’t know much about them. I like combining familiar and strange…


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