What I'm reading


Working – Robert Caro’s memoirs.

Lake Success – Gary Shteyngart’s very HBO novel about bankers, their watches, their midlife crises, and their wives experiencing the same.

The Box – on the introduction of shipping containers and how that reshaped the trade and our economies. In progress.

Watchmen (graphic novel) – I watched the Watchmen and the graphic novel is definitely the best. The HBO series is a close second, also excellent media. The movie, a distant third by default.

The Fifth Risk – Michael Lewis’ love letter to the federal government. Some problems are uniquely suited to being solved by government’s ability to take larger risks than e.g. VC or pursue endeavors that are not a growth business.

The Beautiful Ones – part reflections by the writer who Prince selected to shape his autobiography after Prince suddenly passed away, part the result of shaping Prince’s idiomatic manner of writing and thinking.


Debt, the First 5000 Years – There was money before there was coinage and barter. Once debt became money and government used it as a lever to shape the economy, things get downright strange.

REAMDE – Neal Stephenson does a sprawling action thriller in exactly the way I’d expect of him. One of his easier reads, despite its hefty page count. Goes deep on practical ideas, like the shape of life about the South China Sea, but not especially science fiction-y.