The Playlist

Wherein you may not have thought of putting these songs together.

Certified Jams

  • “Rhythm Nation”, Janet Jackson
  • “Holding Out For a Hero”, Bonnie Tyler
  • “Footloose”, Kenny Loggins

Songs You Must Listen To At Maximum Safest Volume

  • “Uptight”, Steve Wonder
  • “Summertime Blues”, The Who
  • “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, The Beach Boys
  • “Good Vibrations”, The Beach Boys
  • “Jungleland”, Bruce Springsteen
  • “Once In a Lifetime”, The Talking Heads
  • “Flashlight”, Parliament

Albums You Should Listen To From Start To Finish

  • Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen
  • Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys
  • The Blueprint, Jay-Z

Bruce Springsteen Epochs

  • Motown Bohemian, curly hair, The Wild, The Innocent, and the E-Street Shuffle
  • Denim, muscles, Born in the USA
  • The introspective wanderer, bolo tie, Human Touch
  • Revival, the flavor-saver goatee, The Rising
  • The rock ‘n roll stateman, dark vest and necktie, High Hopes

What A Guitar Is Supposed To Sound Like

  • “Summertime Blues”, The Who, Pete Townsend
  • “Estranged”, Guns ‘n Roses, Slash
  • “Glory Days”, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band
  • “Highway to Hell”, AC/DC, Angus Young

Music I Wish I Had Written

  • The Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky
  • The Planets, Gustav Holst
  • “Good Vibrations”, Brian Wilson
  • “Losing My Edge”, James Murphy
  • “I Feel the Earth Move”, Carole King

How I would explain music to an alien

  • Hip-hop: “So whatcha want”, The Beastie Boys
  • Rock and roll: “Highway to Hell”, AC/DC
  • Symphonies: “Symphony No. 7”, Beethoven
  • Pop: “Walkin’ on Sunshine”, Katrina and the Waves

Classical music that is terribly edited in commercials

  • “Also Sprach Zarathustra”, the opening
  • “Symphony No. 6”, Beethoven
  • all of it

Best David Lee Roth Mid-Song Banter

  • “Unchained”
  • “Everbody Wants Some”
  • “Hot for Teacher”