A conversation between fictional engineers in a fictional world

A hypothetical conversation that may have occurred between two non-existent engineers working on the second Death Star in the completely fictional Star Wars universe.

Engineer #1: Hey Bob, I was perusing the blueprints for this “Second Deathstar” this morning. Pretty impressive stuff.

Engineer #2: Thanks Hank. I’m pretty proud of it.

Engineer #1: And you should be! Had one question though. There was something in the request-for-proposals that mentioned some flaw in the previous one where a snub fighter could drop a torpedo through a vent and blow the whole thing up, yeah?

Engineer #2: Yep! Don’t you feel bad for the poor schmuck who made that decision?

Engineer #1: Haha, that’s a good one Bob. So you fixed that right?

Engineer #2: Oh, definitely. All the exhaust ports are small enough the only thing falling in there is a grain of sand.

Engineer #1: Nice thinking! So, my real question is, what’s this giant opening you can fly a large freighter through? And why does it lead right to the station’s giant fusion reactor that sits in a room big enough to fly in circles in said large freighter?

Engineer #2: Oh, that? Well, the passage from that room to the surface is where I’m going to run all the pipes and wiring that I forget about until the last second. I figure once I’m done patching everything together, no pilot would be able to fly through there, even in a snub fighter.

Engineer #1: And the giant room?

Engineer #2: Oh, you know clients. Always deciding they want something really impressive at the last minute. I figured I’d just leave a little extra room in case they come up with something at the last minute.

Engineer #1: Haha, right again Bob. Clients are such idiots.

Say it quickly

Like everyone on the internet, I’m trying this whole Flickr video thing:

90 seconds is tough, but I love the idea. Chris Griego also had a great idea about the coolness of what’s going on here:

Sweet, just like Flickr legitimized posting screenshots and illustration, videos can be marked as screencasts and animation.

Diving for Star Wars nerdery

Wookiepedia, as you might expect, has lots of nerdy little details about the Star Wars universe. I find myself expending many an hour winding through its deliciously nerdy halls. Take, for example, the Xi Char. They are the subject of a few chapters of Labyrinth of Evil, which is set right before Revenge of the Sith. They designed Vulture Droids that, in part, owned Anakin Skywalker’s starfighter. One of many, incidentally.

Yeah, that’s just a brief little dive into the insanely detailed universe that has emerged around Star Wars. Not saying its a sign of the greatness of our society…its just cool.